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Oct. 6th, 2007 | 07:34 am

I had a job interview yesterday at the local hospital. It is only about half the size of the hospital I used to work at, and the staffing level is right around that which we would have had at the newer campus. 1 Director, 1 Materials Manager, 1 Receiving clerk, and 2 Distribution Techs.

The job I was interviewing for was not for a position that was left empty by someone leaving, its a brand new position.

They use no supply cabinets, everything is done by hand. Mon - Fri, first shift only.

large quantities of stock is kept on the floor.

doesn't really seem like a job I want no matter how much money they offer.

In other news I finally managed to get my PA liscense and got my car registered for PA. now I just need to get her inspected :D

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